The picture above is of my brother and I, at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Which to start off is a very seasonal area. Besides the year-round community, a lot of Scottsdale is seasonally focus mainly on the spring and summer. You can sit by the pool at the hotel or go into Scottsdale and go to restaurants and other things. The funny thing about the restaurants is that half of them are really formal and the other half is really casual. There is literally no in between. There are movie theaters you can go to. One interesting memory from Scottsdale was once when I went to a movie with my mom, we came outside and it looked like it had snowed. We both thought “that isn’t possible”. Turns out it was a dust storm that came through and we had no idea because we were in a movie. There are also other things to do like golfing and hot air balloon rides. One of the funniest things i remember from past trips was a night tour of the desert.