Summertime in Marblehead, MA


In this photo, I was in Marblehead, MA during the summer visiting business associates with my dad and my younger brother. Before this photo was taken, every time that I was in New England, I would try every chance I could to always come to this small coastal fishing town that sits about 30 minutes outside of Boston, MA. In this small coastal town, the population is quite small, but no matter the weather, it was always a wonderful time.

My dad, younger brother and I had a great time here in this town, when we all were here. We stayed in this small hotel/resort that sat right on this cliff that overlooked the ocean. Not shown in this photo, but we were in just the best part of New England, because as we looked onto the ocean, about 30- 50 miles outside of our location you could see NYC. My dad, younger brother and I had an awesome time on this trip.



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