The Vatican ,or as others would called it Saint Peter’s Basilica, is an amazing Renaissance era Church. It is the center of the Roman Catholic religious tradition. The construction was originally started in 1506 and it took until 1626, 126 years, for it to be finished. There are tours of The Vatican Catacombs, that have important figures from the history of the church. The Vatican is not only famous for it being a basilica, it is also famous for the Vatican Museum that houses countless works of art that are priceless.

A really cool thing they do every year on New Year’s Eve, is that they launch a spectacular fireworks show off the roof. Some other cool things that my family and I visited were the pantheon, a roman temple turned Roman Catholic church, and the famous Colosseum, where the gladiators fought. Actually when I first visited the Vatican and Rome; there was some sort of special event going on so there was a bridge that went across it and we got to see inside the Coloseum.



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