2007 Monaco Grand Prix


Back in 2007, my family and I took a trip all over Europe, and we had traveled to many different areas. Some of the areas that we had gone to were in Spain, France, and Italy. During our trip after we had left Spain, we had made our way driving down into certain parts of France. One of those places that we had gone to in France, was Monaco. Now for those who do not know about Monaco, it’s probably “by far” one of the top 5 or definitely the top 3 best and most beautiful places to live or get to see. In this city of France, there is a Formula 1 Grand Prix Race, that happens every year. One of the coolest things about this race, is that the race is not just in the city, but it’s on the city streets. Yeah that’s right, these drivers race their cars on the city’s streets which is made into a race track.

I can still remember hearing those amazing race car engines turning over, the ringing sound they made as they warmed up their engines and begun the race. But that wasn’t even the best part. As the spectating audience would wait to hear from the news or race officials where the cars were and how close they were to where you were sitting, you could not only hear those cars coming, but you could feel them coming. Like the special effects you’ve probably seen in a monster movie. As soon as those cars made a pass close to where you were sitting, the ground would vibrate as they made their pass.  If you haven’t been to a formula one race, I urge you to go and see what I mean.

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