Nothing Like A Snowy Drive In Vermont


This photo was taken about 2 maybe 3 years ago, as I was driving in the State of Vermont. I had been there in the state, going to a small college at the time called, Landmark College. The college was so small, and even in such a small state, there wasn’t that much to do. But every time it snowed in that area, I only knew there was one thing to do. GO FOR A DRIVE!!!

Vermont, however small and sometimes making you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, always knew how to bring an “aw” with snow. When it snowed here, it SNOWED. I can still remember, driving….and driving…. and driving even more. The more snow I saw, I kept on driving. I didn’t want this snowy dreamland to stop. The snow in Vermont always knew how to captivate me. Even if I had driven through it many times over, it could still find a way to make me gaze at all the white powder that lay lush all over the landscape.

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